Pomsky Puppies

Pomsky puppies are not only irresistible fur balls though. Whether or not they are destined to be the next lap dog is difficult to say. Dog lovers would have a problem stomaching such a scenario. After all, they aren’t only for arm candy or accessorizing as some animal lovers have pointed out. Their gentle temperament have won over many people on their side. Their ancestors, the Pomeranians were called ‘toy’ dogs and bore the patronage of none other than Queen Victoria! They come in a variety of colours but generally have white, black and brown. Their coat which adds to their toy-dog appeal is dense coated, distinctly reminding one of a Siberian Husky though a more long haired and fluffier version.


pomsky puppies

The pomsky is a designer breed and well sought after. The pomsky standard is between 5 to 25 pounds leaving occasionaly the 25 pound dog (not often though). This breed has a sweet temperament and is a great family dog.

Pomskies are spirited but docile. Don’t let their size fool you. They are more agile and active than they look. They mainly sport a foxlike head and small erect ears. The most attractive feature is its long coat which is especially full on the neck and chest. They look much closer to the Pomeranians than the Siberian Huskies. Still, the name Pomsky is a perfect blend of the two names suggesting their mixed breed – the “Pom” from Pomeranians and the “sky” from Husky.


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6 thoughts on “Pomsky Puppies

  1. Where can I find a breeder so I can adopt one of these cute little puppies? I would love to own one!

  2. Hi I am looking for one of the puppies or do you know whare i can get one thank you gloria

  3. I am looking for a PomSky puppy I currently live in Japan because I am in the military. but I Will be coming back to the states soon. Can I get the name of a breeder and a number?

  4. This dog would be perfect for our family my husband has always wanted a husky and I am not a fan of big dogs. Where would I find one near the Rochester area?